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James Dawson Enterprise


Founded in 1975, James Dawson Enterprises Ltd. is a leader in the packaging market providing unique, cost effective solutions to today's complex packaging problems. With offices in New York, California, Montreal and Toronto we can better serve our International customer base, including many of the world's best known corporations.

G2 Technologies


Specializes in the design and development of automated inspection, measurement, and test systems. We have 15+ years experience in test and measurement and have shipped over 30 turn-key systems. With 14+ years in business management, over 20 years in project management and 4 different locations in the southeast, we know how to run a business. Our goal is to be a seamless measurement and automation extension for our customers and we define our success by our customers' success.

C.C.P. Group


C.C.P. Contact Probes Co., LTD. was founded in 1983. Since then we set up our company goal as "Specialize in probes manufacturing with fixture services as auxiliaries." C.C.P. is devoted to providing high quality probes and efficient service to every related industry. C.C.P. issued stocks publicly in May, 2001. In January 2003, C.C.P. was listed on the Taiwan stock exchange market. After twenty years, C.C.P. increased in size.

ELT Technology Co., LTD


ELT Technology Co., LTD, a company specializing in the development of the X-RAY, optical instruments, testing instruments, production and sales of high-tech companies, independent micron and nano-scale X-ray tube, X-ray image intensifier, X-RAY detector non-destructive perspective.

SAM Electronics


SAM ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is the fastest growing manufacturer of the SMT peripheral equipment and consumable material in the electronic assembly industry. Today, SAM international is a major international supplier of high quality SMT peripheral equipment, electronic manufacture precision wet cleaning equipment, and semiconductor packaging technology, we pledge to continue providing customers with the highest level of quality technology and service into the 21 century.



Through the years we at Flexbar have led the way in offering unique and innovative products ranging from our metrology grade replica and casting materials, Facsimile and Reprorubber, to our growing line of precision measuring instruments, optical and video inspection systems, machine tool accessories, and the state-of-the-art Flexbar Safety Guard System.



TEST MAX MANUFACTURING is your one stop solution to your Test Contacts and complete range of Burn-In Test Probes. We manufacture and sell quality Contact Fingers, Probes and Test Sockets, customized and generic.

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